PeJe: Journey to the Final

    Semifinal 2, waktu Peje kalah lawan Aspac.

Jujur sih, awal season ini gw pengen Aspac yang jadi juara. Meski yah, gw harus mengkhianati Dodo Cs, menduakan dukungan gw yang tulus dan sepenuh hati… :p kekekekeke… Tapi eh tapi, di tengah laga, gw si tipe setia ini gak cuma mendua tapi ternyata mentiga! What??? How could I do this to my self?! Oh I hurt my own pride!!

But yeah I did it. I turn my heart to PeJe! Damn! They are a very firm troops! I just can’t close my eyes and pretend that I don’t see. They are great! And then so, I chose PeJe to be the Champion.

To be honest, at first, I saw PeJe only because of Kelly, but then I saw their struggle and their belief of dream. It seems like Kelly’s poison had already spread all over them, all over the team. And I saw Kelly is happy being there…

Decision is hard to make. Dodo cs, SM squad is definitely the strongest one. And they are so damn solid! I love them for sure. However, I want a new champion. Five times become champion, don’t you feel bored SM?? hehehe… no offense! I love you, really, but I just want to see another team grabs the goblet, so you will work more hard to take it back. It will be nice I think… ^^

So, I chose Aspac which strength is almost as good as yours, SM. And I saw their struggle last season, and I was touch. But then, PeJe came and they incited me. They were glowing. And their glow were dazzling, I was blinded but I don’t care. I know I already glare at a new star and I ready to fall. PeJe, I come. ^^

Yeah, we are all know, SM squad consistent in defending their title, they become a champion again for the sixth times! Congrats SM!

Actually, this is a sad picture in a sad moment of PeJe. Although it’s sad, but can you see? There is something in this picture that you can’t tell by words. There is something that make me fall in love with this squad.. Something that I can’t tell clearly, just like when you become mute when someone whom you fall in love deeply, just passed you by.

*photo source: twitter


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