Star, us

Give them awards!!! Thanks god it doesn’t turn out into something I was afraid off.. This kinda sad yet beautiful story is my kind of cup of tea.. I love it so much… Please give them awards for their beautiful actings.. I love you Seo Inguk 💋💋💕💕   Advertisements

Yellow – The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

My favourite song in my favourite new Korean Drama.. What a coincidence.. XD Finaly after Uncontrollably Fond, I can enjoy another intriguing drama. This kind of drama drags me crazy. It is able to make me stay awake late at night, it is able to make me abandon my duties, it is able to make […]

Melakoni Lakon

Sepi itu Pesta jutaan kata, petasan, dan kembang api dari cinta yang tak bersambut, Kekasih ….   Kekasih, sunyi adalah setiap jalan yang kau susuri sendiri bersama kenangan..   Berbahagialah para penempuh jalan baru yang belum pernah mereka lakoni sebelumnya, kekasih. Karena di setiap jengkal di jalan itu, Mereka tak terikat pada kenangan …   […]

Stay With Me – Roy Kim’s Version

I enjoy his voice so much and he is able to make me listen to some songs which I rarely listen to. And in some nights like this night, when I have to stay awake, he is able to keep me away from a boredom and lonesome, that he makes me feel he’s here with […]

Roy Kim, Begin Again 2 ‘Bom Bom Bom’

How if he’s singing like this on the street in your neighbourhood?

Roy Kim Acoustic Session #3

Ketika urusan capres cawapres bikin sakit kepala, mending mantengin Roy Kim. Thanks to the notification, I can calmly go to sleep now.. Happy Friday Roy! I love you forever…😘