Stay With Me – Roy Kim’s Version

I enjoy his voice so much and he is able to make me listen to some songs which I rarely listen to. And in some nights like this night, when I have to stay awake, he is able to keep me away from a boredom and lonesome, that he makes me feel he’s here with […]

Roy Kim, Begin Again 2 ‘Bom Bom Bom’

How if he’s singing like this on the street in your neighbourhood?

Roy Kim Acoustic Session #3

Ketika urusan capres cawapres bikin sakit kepala, mending mantengin Roy Kim. Thanks to the notification, I can calmly go to sleep now.. Happy Friday Roy! I love you forever…😘

Roy Kim: Seoul Jazz Festival

1. As if I’m ready to die 2. A sudden heart attack 3. DAMN! I can’t! 4. Marry me, Roy! 1. Can it be prettier? 2. It’s too beautiful 3. It’s too heart-warming 4. I can’t 5. I love you too much 1. And so it is 2. Just like you said it would be […]