Yellow – The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

My favourite song in my favourite new Korean Drama.. What a coincidence.. XD Finaly after Uncontrollably Fond, I can enjoy another intriguing drama. This kind of drama drags me crazy. It is able to make me stay awake late at night, it is able to make me abandon my duties, it is able to make […]

Say Goodbye (Uncontrollably Fond Review)

I accidentally found this MV on Youtube. By only watching this, it made me want to watch the drama right away. Do I sound like a maniac? Lol. Anyway, I found it back then, it was like airing for four episodes. I felt happy I didn’t have to catch up too many episodes. So then, […]

“and maybe someday we will meet”

“And maybe someday we will meet, and maybe talk and not just speak.” Begitu senandung James Blunt berulang-ulang dalam Same Mistake. Dan entah kenapa playlist saya hanya berisi lagu ini. Oh oke, sepertinya Blunt berhasil menyihir saya untuk patuh mendengar bunyi-bunyian yang dia nyanyikan. Tapi sebentar, kenapa semakin lama saya merasa lagu ini sama sekali […]